Our strict dress code maintains the atmosphere of our exclusive event

Why a dress code? There are many reasons. We are a fetish event, an occasion, and worth making an effort. Another reason is because there are no "tourists" at The Chamber. We feel very strongly about holding a safe space to be part of the BDSM community, and that means being a part, even if you are only passing through in your journey of discovery, or merely there to voyeur. And finally we do have to abide by our venue's licence.

In drawing a line like this, we understand it can be difficult for people new to the scene to know exactly what to wear. Therefore, if something is unclear, err on the side of fabulous!

The following are guidelines for the minimum standard:

Formal Suits

Formal Frocks

Full Fetish

Fabulous Lingerie

What not to wear, and no: we aren’t joking

The Chamber reserves the right to refuse admission to anyone who does not comply with our dress code

For example,

Mastress Caer will take any excuse to dress up and wears outfits from the Fetish category comprised of black rubber skirt, PVC corset, PVC hat and boots or outfits from the Fabulous Lingerie category comprised of a matched lingerie set with a petticoat, fringed shawl, stockings and heels, Formal Category has been a steampunk themed outfit of emerald green hoop skirt with fur and feather accents and if she were going to wear a suit it would be cutaway tail tuxedo!

Sir Water is a bit more conservative and can be found in the Fetish category with leather pants, belt, boots and a black fetish-styled button-down shirt with buckles and/or straps all over.

We look forward to seeing you in your wonderfulness at The Chamber.


Sir Water, Mastress Caer
& The Chamber Crew

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